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THE AL OERTER FOUNDATION (AOF) exists to foster character and integrity through sports and the arts. AOF brings together athletes from the Olympics and the sporting world to promote the highest ethics of humanity. Through the athletes’ creative talents, AOF provides programs of art, education, sport and cultural outreach to inspire individuals and communities to uphold the virtues of excellence above winning.

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THE AL OERTER FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to educate the youth of the world about the values of respect, hard work and fair-play with a vision to encourage self-confidence and a passion for excellence in all avenues of life. AOF honors and celebrates the character, principles and ideals of the 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Al Oerter.

“Al’s successes, coupled with his true humility and dignity as an individual, have inspired so many people. The ancients said that when you won in Olympia the Gods reached down to touch you and, for a brief moment, let you sit beside them on Mt. Olympus. I have no doubt that they would be saying to us now that Al earned his own permanent seat among the immortals on Olympus, and not just for his greatness in Athletics – but more so for showing us all how important it is to keep pursuing goals that stretch one’s limits and, at the same time, promote the Olympic Movement, this force for good.”

Norman Bellingham

USOC Chief Operating Office

Gold Medalist Canoing