Inspire Creativity

Art exhibitions travel to communities to celebrate cultures, nations and self. Guests have the opportunity to meet the featured Olympian artist(s) and become inspired by the human potential within everyone.


“It’s exciting to show that there’s not just one thing that you do in life.”

– Al Oerter


Internationally over 75 Olympians have contributed art or advocated for the importance of the foundation’s mission to elevate humanity.

“Humanity is in essence a work in progress.”

  – Shane Gould, Australia, Swimming

“A sport can grant you strength. A sport can inspire your spirit. And sometimes if you are very lucky they can do both.”

 – Peggy Fleming, USA, Figure Skating

“My passion for athletic competition became an easy topic to test my talents in the arts.”

 – Martin Hagen, USA, Biathlon

“The art of defeat, the genuine beauty of the effort and the strength of sport is what I try to capture in my art.”

 – Kader Klouchi, France, Athletics

 “The origin of mankind, man’s relationship with other life forms and his destination have been important elements in many of my works.”

 – Larry Young, USA, Athletics