Cathy Oerter

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Chairwoman. BA, Advertising Design, Iowa State University;  BA Education Puget Sound University; International (USA) long jump athlete; initiated the Women’s Track & Field program at Iowa State.

Markus Sherry

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Board Financial Officer.  Founder of Riverdale Dental Associates with six dental practices serving the Fort Myers community for over thirty years; B.S. Chemistry University of Florida, DMD College of Dentistry, University of Florida.

Emanuela Pierantozzi

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Artist Representative.  Two time Olympic medalist for Italy in women’s Judo;  European Olympic Committee 2001 – 2005; appointment to Italian Ministry Commission for Anti-doping 2002; Women and Sport Commission 2003 – 2006;  Professional sculptor.

Anita DeFrantz

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Lifetime member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), first female vice-president of the IOC Executive Committee; former Vice President of Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (1981-’84) and former Vice President of FISA. Anita has been the President of the LA84 Foundation since 1987. She is also an Olympic bronze medalist in the women’s eight rowing event (1976).

Kevin Murphy

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Administrative Assistant Department of Collections, Information and Access at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Kevin has over 25 years in office administration in both commercial and non-profits sectors and has worked supporting and coordinating exhibitions, student/ teacher programs and scholar and intern programs.

Jimmy Mellado

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President and CEO of Compassion International based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Jimmy previously served as President of the Willow Creek Association (WCA) in South Barrington, Illinois, from 1993 to 2013.  He also competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics as a decathlete for El Salvador.

Edward Stransenback

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Specialist in international sports and event marketing, public relations and media. He has also managed or advised on media relations projects at several winter and summer Olympics and numerous international sporting events.

Marc Serota

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Marc Serota is an award winning Photographer and Instructor. He is the CO-Founder of Polaroid University and Director of the LHP Media Group. He has published dozens of Coffee Table books on Iconic Entertainers and Hall of Fame Athletes such as Brittney Spears, Dan Marino, John Elway, Dwyane Wade, Troy Aikman, Brett Favre and many others. Marc has also published many Children’s Books.

Jack Scharr

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Jack Scharr is president of Fine Art Ltd, Chairman of the American Sports Museum and Archives and a trustee for the United States Sports Academy. In addition to commissioning artwork for 13 U.S. Olympic Games, Scharr has directed the creating and promotion of fine art for the 100th Anniversary celebration of Carnegie Hall, the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation, the 1998 World Cup Soccer Games in France, the 50th Anniversary of the March of Dimes and the Fall of the Berlin Wall and many more.

Andrea Carska-Sheppard

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Andrea Carska-Sheppard is a lawyer, arbitrator, and general counsel on corporate matters for a global company whose primary focus is enhancing employees’ well-being. She manages legal affairs for all subsidiaries around the world (200 countries and territories).


She is a member in good standing of bars in four countries. Andrea is also a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sports and served as an arbitrator at the Ad-Hoc Division for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


She performs voluntary services and shares her leadership skills with several organizations and boards in sports and business, including but not limited to the International Olympic Committee, and Women in Sports International.


Andrea is a strong proponent of integrity and well-being in business and sports including fostering safe sports, ethics, and integrity in sports through media and arts.