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“I didn’t set out to
beat the world;
I just set out to do
my absolute best.”

– Al Oerter

Legendary discus thrower, Al Oerter was the first person in Olympic history to win four gold medals in four different Olympic Games (1956-60-64-68) and the only athlete to set Olympic records each time. Never favored to win, Oerter defied odds, overcame adversity and grew both as a man and as an athlete simply setting goals and establishing a strong work ethic to be at his‎ best. In 2005 he founded the non-profit Art of the Olympians. The museum and art gallery provided a space for Olympian artists to display their work.

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 The Al Oerter Foundation has taken up the torch in the pursuit that communities can develop Leadership and build strong citizens.


Al Oerter represented the true Olympian spirit. With his vision for culture as an instrument for that spirit, the world will be enriched with a foundation that stands for integrity and high ideology as in ancient Greece when the finest aspired to be the best they could be in all avenues of life. Just like Al Oerter; just like the multitude of Olympians that value the arts as well as the sport.